Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Even More WNTW

Why has fashion run so amok that only skinny sticklike figures can find clothes that look ... err ... I hestitate to say "decent", but maybe "hip" will do? I made my Target run last night to pick up my meds and noticed that all the clothes for reasonably youngish women looked like maternity wear from last year. Or at least they would on anyone with an ounce of fat.

Now I'm really comfortable in my skin. My clothes are getting looser (never mind the numbers) and I'm happy with that. I can do tons of push-ups and I lift weights occasionally so I know I'm fairly fit. But I am MORE than disgusted with what I'm finding in the stores. Case in point: Dress Barn. I used to work for DB as an assistant manager back in the day (1996) and back then the QUALITY of their merchandise was exceptional for an off-price retailer. NOW? Fuhgedaboutit. I went in the local DB a week ago today and tried on 15 things. NONE of them fit ~properly~. Properly is the key word. The workmanship on the items was pretty shabby. Fabric was bunched up in seams, padding was not even in two tops, zippers were put in "wrong" so that they BUNCHED (this one is a real no-brainer to do right, actually). And for the prices ($30 for a polyester knit top?) I expected better. I was DO disgusted that when the lady helping me enquired as to how I was doing, I let her know that I was unhappy with the workmanship and would have purchase XYZ except it was poorly made. Whether or not she cares, I don't know. But maybe she'll pass it to her DM (district manager). Or not. It's a dangerous thing, knowing how to sew PROPERLY.

Oh to have time to create my own wardrobe. But that day is coming. When we travel overseas in the winter, I'll be having a custom wardrobe made. I LIVE for this.

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