Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Iron on Tuesday - A Day in the {Vintage} Life

I'm beginning to see the wisdom in separate sleeping arrangements. With my better half sick with flu, sleeping right.next.to.him where I can breathe his viral germies all night is just not happening. So I've been on the couch for the last two nights. Which is to say, I haven't slept well AT ALL. I'm still groggy...

And of course, because I didn't sleep well AND my circadian rhythm is OFF because the living room is dark and our bedroom faces east so the rising sun helps me rise and shine to greet the day... I overslept AGAIN. Mrs. John McWeeney would be so ashamed.

Breakfast was nuked gluten free lemon muffins on the run for my girls, preschool breakfast for the boy and Starbucks oatmeal and soy chai for me. I endeavoured to stay out of my husband's way so he could rest and so I didn't have to listen to crappy daytime TV while he "recuperates". I needed to kill some time between 8:30 an 9 (when the local Fabric Mega Mart opens), so I hit my SuperTarget Starbucks. From there, off to the fabric store for an hour to get some neon fuschia sheer fabric and a leotard pattern while I waited for the optical department at Target AND my nail salon to open. Oldest child's new lenses arrived yesterday and my feet needed some TLC.

After the pedi, I headed over to Target, did the lenses thing and picked up a pack of 2 new ceramic bowls. One of mine had broken, so it needed to be replaced. Now I have a spare. I'll spare you the litany of the goodies I bought myself because I'm sure you're not interested.

Got home, felt woozy and stuffed my face with a couple bits of leftover roast peking duck (cold!?), some dairy free cheese slices, a gluten free donut, 3 gluten free chocolate snaps and a couple of handfuls of trailmix. Let's just say when my bloodsugar tanks, any semblance of a "balanced" diet goes smack out the window. It's "keep me from passing out" time.

Once I got over my low blood sugar, I headed into the kitchen to give it the old once over. Yesterday I managed to get it fairly decent, so all I needed to do was empty the dishwasher, rinse the sink and dry it and spritz the counters and wipe. Hooray for not having to hand wash!

I'm sitting here with a couple of hours to kill before heading to the bus stop to collect the children and cart them to the pediatrician for their annual checkups before taking them to Catechism class. They keep changing the name, so we call it "church school". CCD/religious ed/Catechism/whatEVER. They're going. Usually their father takes them because I do Girl Scouts/dance class taxi service on Wednesday. However, Flu Boy is staying home so as not to contaminate the faithful.

I suppose I could do the few things I had on my "list":
  • Crock Pot dinner
  • put away kid clothes
  • mop floors
  • last load laundry
But where would the fun in that be? Mrs. McWeeney is in the background wagging her finger at me, though, so I suppose I must away and deal with the last lingering bits. My poor bruised tailbone doesn't hurt if I'm standing/walking/moving, but it sure does if I sit for too long. Maybe it's a sign?

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