Monday, March 28, 2011

A Day in the {Vintage} Life - Wash on Monday - Recap


In my comparison of my day to that of the housewife of 1946, the venerable Mrs. John McWeeney, I've found a few things to be true.

1. Things like doing dishes take a lot less time. I still have to handwash a few things, but nowhere near the volume of dishes that she did.

2. Daytime Television SUCKS. Yes, yes it does. Normally I do not partake of daytime programming, choosing instead to listen to NPR. There's something about radio that's nonintrusive to one's daily routine. It doesn't require me to sit down and look at it while I could be doing other things. Alas, my poor better half is home sick with flu, so he propped himself on the sofa to be entertained by "courtroom" dramas and the ubiquitous Jerry Springer.

3. Making beds take the same time today as they did 75 years ago. Yes they do. I dare say, though, that making our bed is easier because there is but one AND it's a Select Comfort mattress. It weighs next to nothing so when it comes time to tuck in the sheets, Bob's your uncle, up goes the end and it's a nice hospital corner.

4. Made a supply run to the "grocers". In my case, that would be SuperTarget. I had to see the eye doctor about my new glasses - surpise! I need bi-focals! So I decided to pick up a few things to see us through the week and grab some soup for Flu-Man.

5. Between coming back from the morning school runs and leaving to the SuperTarget, I was able to give the living room a once over and take the laundry to the childrens' respective beds to be put away later. After coming home from the SuperTarget, I managed to squeeze in loading up the dishwasher, hand washing a couple of items, making up the soup on the stove top and cleaning the pan.

Right now, I've got half an hour before picking up the girls at the bus stop. From there, I'll pick up the boy at preschool and head home so that oldest child can do her homework (provided she remembered it) and I can get dinner under way.

One thing I've noticed is that the internet is an amazing time-suck. It's so EASY to sit there and watch just one more YouTube video or play one more round of Tetris or farm just a few more things in FarmVille. Really, I have MORE free time in my day to do - whatever - and somehow...

Incidentally, today, before jetting out to appointments, the mail came. Instead of tossing it on the desk to deal with when I got back, I went through it, took out the one bill - Orkin, termite protection - paid it, wrote it down in the register and put a stamp on it so that when I drive by the post office later, I can just toss it in the box and be done with it.

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