Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Uterus as described by The Elder Princess Ella

My daughters are quite prolific when it comes to drawing and now to writing "stories". Especially about things they have recently seen or heard. So it should come as no surprise to me that after watching a PBS show on babies in utero, that the Elder Princess Ella would want to draw a picture of a uterus and then wax poetical about it. After all, she's not quite six. Below is the picture she drew and her commentary [verbatim] on it:

This is the uterus.
The lines are the insides of the uterus.
The food is important for it.
[commentary by the Younger Princess Ella: Food doesn't go in the uterus, it goes in the tummy]

This picture has the brocolli [top of picture - outside uterus - looks like a bizarro carrot] to take good care of the uterus.
It scrubs the insides.
The inner cord protects it.
When the baby is in there when it moes it's legs back and forth then the uterus grows.
When the babies come out the uterus will shrink back to it's normal size.
The middle core and the outer core help make the uterus stay together.
When they [baby] grow big, it's time to come out.
That's all.

The second picture is a sign made yesterday in the throes of "touching" angst and a sever desire NOT to leave the house to go to lunch at the Crapper Cracker Barrel (which I blogged about yesterday). Apparently, the Younger Princess Ella was impinging on the personal space of the The Elder and so she needed to make a sign. Translation below picture.

No sisters touching sisters and nobody is going nowhere

The third, and final picture is from today and details what the girls will be doing on Sunday evening (the night before my pre-op for gallbladder surgery). I would like you to note the correct use of apostrophe in this picture. Mama is teaching her children well. Translation follows picture:

Sunday night we spend the night at GrandCharlie's [my mother] house. Gabriella and Anabella

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