Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dancing With The WHO?

So Monday night kicked off DWTS' current season. And I must say, it was INCREDIBLE. I wasn't prepared to be amazed. I was actually more prepared to fall asleep.

Some brief thoughts on Monday's installment aka "Ladies Night"

  • I thought Drew did a nice job filling in for Samantha Harris.
  • I didn't get to watch all the performances. I missed Jennie Garth's.
  • The model-girl is going to leave first for the ladies. It was like watching a 2x4 dance. Only a 2x4 is actually bigger around I think.
  • Cheetah Girl rocked my world.
  • Scary Spice was great but her costume was ... uh ... SCARY. Who put her in cheetah spots? Did they give her the wrong costume? Seriously, it looked like skin color with some cheetah spots pasted on. She needs some color to contrast with her skin tone.
  • Jane Seymour(e) was the ringer for ladies night. Fluid, graceful, lovely.
  • The producers did an excellent job matching pros and celebs. Kudos.

As far as the men go, the ONLY one I'd heard of was Wayne Newton. Isn't that pathetic? Am I just not up on pop culture? Am I stuch in a time warp? [/rhetorical question] So "Danke Schoen" and off we go...

Thoughts on Tuesday Night aka Dudes Do Dancefloor...

  • I missed the first two routines. But who cares. Model-guy was AMAZING.
  • Mark Cuban - pretty OK and you have to give him props for dancing full out and bouncing around after just having had hip replacement surgery. He's a braver man than I... And I'm not a man.
  • Wayne Newton. My husband said "Watch - he's gonna dance like your dad." I said surely not. I was WRONG. The 60-something White Guy Dance was in full effect. As were some man-boobs. But hey, he's not that young a guy any more. As long as I don't have to see him without a shirt, I'll be A-OK.
  • Not having seen the first two routines, I can't comment on which guy will be first to go, but I'm betting it's model-girl.

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