Friday, September 28, 2007

Gross Anatomy?

Or merely a coincidence?

Last night was the premiere of Grey's Anatomy. I was pleasantly surprised, actually. But this post isn't about Grey's. If you want to know about that, go to Television Without Pity. Ironically? Conicidentally? Serendipitously? Last night (or early this morning) was also the premiere of "Weird Al" Yankovic's video "Like A Surgeon" on YouTube.

For those of us who never had cable growing up and still don't, it's pretty nifty to be able to enjoy Weird Al's stuff - ranging from the classics like "Fat" and "Eat It" all the way up to more revent offerings like "White & Nerdy". And these aren't someone posting Al's stuff. It's the Al-meister himself!

Without further ado, I present "Like A Surgeon" - which could ONLY be funnier if it starred clips from Grey's Anatomy:

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