Saturday, June 16, 2007

I made it and it was good

Meatcake that is.

Now before anyone thinks "Oh she's such an original" (and I am but not in this case), I must say, I owe my inspiration to a forum friend of mine (The Original Pez Dispenser) because she pointed me here.

The Prince Consort is turning 34 on Wednesday, and so we're celebrating tomorrow. Yes, Father's Day. We do it every year. So in honor of the Day of the Dad, I made meatcake. Here it is in all it's resplendent potato-y glory:

I've made some glorious cakes in my time since I started my first Wilton class, but I do believe that this one is my all time favorite. For one thing, you don't get a major sugar rush from licking icing off your fingers with a Meatcake. And it's GOOD for you. It's got all the 4 food groups: Milk, Meat, Starch, Veggies. And I'm not just talking about the peas on the outside. It's filled with peas and corn between the layers.

I must say that potato flakes are much easier to work with than buttercreme. At least for me. Once we partake of the gloriousness that is Meatcake, I shall update with pictures of the innards of it. It's truly a glorious thing.


Mrs. Stevens said...

My my! That looks good enough to eat!
(hey do you mind if I put a link to your blog on my blog?)

The Empress said...

Absolutely! Let's share the love!

dooberoo said...

I should try making a meatcake with ground turkey. I can` eat beef. It looks good.