Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Prince Lorenzo has a girlfriend...

Let me begin by saying that Lorenzo LOVES girls. Specifically PRETTY girls. Big eyes, nice smiles (boobs a plus) and he's hooked. It's SO bad that he has a shirt from Target that has "Ladies Man" emblazoned across the front of it. It's apropos. This is the kid that cruises the play park to make eyes and flirt with all the mommies. We've always been able to distract him by saying "Look at the pretty girl(s)!" It's actually realllly funny.

His latest conquest is this lovely young lady (acquired just 2 days ago):

So I was at Target the other day and had to cut through the toy aisle to get to sporting goods and stopped for a second because Lorenzo was freaking out in his cart. Apparently, the row of Ballerina Barbies (blonde, latina and african american) caught his eye. See below to see how they were arranged on the shelf:

He was bouncing up and down and laughing and pointing and generally being a male in the presence of a hot chick. Drool much? Anyhow, I pointed to the blonde one, no response. African-American? Same. But point to the tan skinned, dark-eyed Latina Barbie and he nearly levitated out of his seat. So I let him carry her around in the cart as we made our way through the store. He was talking and cooing and patting the box. He DIDN'T throw a fit when we put her back, but he DID wave "bye bye".

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