Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Steroid Novena

A novena is a prayer said for nine consecutive days for a special intention. In my case, I have to take a corticosteroid for nince consecutive days to fix what ails me (massively inflamed tendons/muscles). Surely I'm not the only person who giggles at this.

What led to this state of affairs? Well, a long time ago, I was a cocky teenager who didn't think I needed to warm up before doing a kick over my head and then landing in a split. And then ended up with a dislocated hip the night before our exchange group was flying home from Russia. Being embarrassed enough for getting intro trouble with too much Stolichnaya, I didn't seek medical attention and down played the injury. Nothing like being a stupid 16 year-old, right?

Anyhow, I've dealt with this injury on and off for over half my life now. I've never really been treated for it and so now old age (ha ha) has caught up with me. After three sleepless (not in Seattle) nights of P.A.I.N., I sought recourse to my sports-medicine doc. I love Dr M. He rocks. He has a way of diagnosing exactly what is wrong quickly and getting to the bottom of things with a simple "Does this hurt?" "Yup. Here's what your problem is...".

So I've got a script for Oxycodone/Acetomenaphin (Generic for Percocet before anyone gets their knickers in a knot) and my 'roids. I can so see me turning into der Arnold... or worse... Mr T... this next week (or not). Dr M has such a sense of humour. He told me to be aware that I "might want to bite people's heads off" due to the steroids but "not to worry, that's normal". God help us all! I already chew people up and spit them out as it is. I was told that my normal routine of KB and Yoga/Pilates would be a GOOD thing to keep up while medicated for the next while so that I can get out the aggression and maintain calm. Good thing there's also Tai Chi Chuan on Wednesdays...

So stay out my way fool... Just kidding. You know I love y'all!

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