Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy June and a May update...

June 1st, UInstant:

Well, I did get my car fixed and returned to me. My service advisor went above and beyond to make it a pleasant experience since the issue was NOT fixed the first time. Including getting me a rental car. Sweet. However, said rental car (Dodge Stratus) is NOT fuel efficient. Hoo boy.

Anyways, the dearly beloved got sick (again) and it's solely my fault. Well mostly my fault. I cleaned the air conditioner intake filter. Actually, I didn't *clean* it per se... I only changed it. But he's SO sensitive to dirt and dust and yada yada yada that he gets sick Every Stinking Time we A) Clean a paddle fan; B) Change the air filter; Paint a room (which of course requires cleaning the TOPS of doors, etc). At least THIS time he didn't end up with Strep. I'm grateful, really.

Oldest daughter is having her dance recital this weekend. She looks SO cute in her costume. See?

This picture was taken by one of the moms in the class. All things considered I think it's pretty darn good.
Said daughter turns FOUR next week - which reminds me I need to get off me arse and sned out party invitations... Her dance recital number is Cinderella and *irony* so is her birthday party. This was NOT planned like that, it just happened.

Well, off to be productive. I've got a lot to do before our trip to the museum today at 10AM.

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