Monday, July 16, 2012


Recently I had the opportunity to visit my old hometown, Orlando. To most people, Orlando is Mickey's Home. That's part of it, sure. But back in '78, when I was in second grade... Orlando was a small town and the drive to Disney took an hour. Downtown was 10 minutes north and our sleepy neighborhood and environs were the world I knew.

It's funny when you go "back home" how things have changed. Surprisingly, there was a lot that HADN'T changed. Like Lido's Italian Restaurante. Still there after all these years.

Other places still there:
The Old Home Place
 How come their kids got a tree house and I never did?

The Church House where a friend used to live

The church I used to attend

I attended preschool there too... a LONG time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Where I bought my FIRST ever model kit.
It was an airplane and had missing pieces but I didn't care.

Where I saw my first Billy Graham movie
And where I swore to myself at the tender age of under 12 that there was NO WAY I was ever going to sit through one again. To this day I have a boat-load of disdain for "Christian" entertainment, largely because they disguise crap under a banner of "evangelism". Crap is crap people. And no amount of "PRAISE JESUS" is ever going to make it anything other than crap. Bad quality makes the Baby Jesus cry, people.

Beefy King.
I don't recall ever eating here. But I remember driving by it as a kid. They're still open for business 30 years later. I wish Ronnie's NY Delicatessen was still around. It was just down the road a bit from Beefy King. It's been replaced by a TooJay's Deli and a Starbucks.

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