Wednesday, July 18, 2012


A Day in the Vintage Life... and some things I found out about myself:

Extremely structured checklists appease my need for "organization" but do little to actually help me stay on task.

The creation of the "system" is all-consuming and leads to burnout. Thus making the system useless.

I have ADD. See above.

The link right up there contains a GREAT illustration of what it's like to live with ADHD/ADD. When I was diagnosed, it was like everything clicked into place. Getting the appropriate medication to treat my condition made a world of difference for me. It made life easier. So much easier. No longer did I struggle with remembering why I walked across the house or where my keys were. I was able to function like a "normal" human being.

Simple tasks like taking the laundry from the living room to putting it in it's proper place didn't lead to 3 side trips to do other things. I was more productive in my sewing. I wasn't getting as frustrated with projects and pushing them aside in favor of "easier" projects. In the past I would have three or four different projects happening at the same time and doing very little on all of them.

Oftentimes, behaviour problems are blamed on ADD/ADHD and little is done to correct the *actual* problem. There's no excuse for rotten behaviour no matter what condition you live with. ADD medications being demonized as making children into "zombies" or being addictive is equally unhelpful. No one tells the insulin-dependent diabetic that their insulin is addictive or unnecessary. ADD is a neurological condition where the wiring in the brain goes haywire. The *right* medication can be a total life-changer.

Don't be afraid of the diagnosis. Some of the most brilliant, creative, talented people have ADD. It is precisely because their brains are wired differently that allows them to think outside the box.

I leave you with this sentiment...

I'll Be Thinking Of You

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