Thursday, July 01, 2010

Since we’ve arrived, our sleep schedule has been really odd. We’re sleeping earlier – much earlier – and as a result, waking EXTREMELY earlier than usual. To give you an idea, I’m usually awake by 3 AM. The children have woken up anywhere from 2AM to 4:30 AM – when the Masjid broadcasts the call to prayer. This morning was no exception. Since the “bookends” were awakened by the call to prayer, I popped “Ponyo” in the other laptop for them to watch and I took advantage of a little computer time for myself on my laptop. Towards the end of Ponyo, the sun started to rise and it was so beautiful that I had to capture it.

The time is approximately 5:45AM – 6AM but has been compressed to under 5 minutes. The video was taken from the roof of our house looking East. You can see the top of the Masjid in the right side of the frame. The song is “Jakarta” by Daniel Sahuleka from the 2008 compilation album “Eastern Journeys”.

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