Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I thought I'd try and come up with a snappy title for this post, but alas, the cold spell (and nobody laugh at me because I think under 50 degrees F is a cold spell) has sapped what few remaining brain cells I have left.

As you may know if you're a FB friend/flunkie, I have had my in-laws visiting since December 17th. And you're probably familiar with our humble - read SMALL - abode. You also know by now that there are 5 of us in here on a daily basis and adding guests makes us cramped. But this post isn't about that. That's a post for a different day and a different blog. ;-)

Today, I'm posting about the year in retrospect. I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions because... Well... We ALL know how those end up, right? But I'll gladly recap this year and how I hope 2010 will be better. I'm going to go backwards from December because, well, it's my blog and I'll do it how I wanna.

  • Gained some weight due to HIS (Holdiay Indulgence Syndrome);
  • Beatles RockBand Limited Edition with Sir Paul McCartney's Hofner Bass and Ringo Starr's Ludwig "Drum" Kit;
  • The aforementioned houseguests;
  • Holidays without TOO much drama (just don't talk about Obama) - ooooh I made a rhyme;
  • School closing down forever and moving to the new facility which meant that the Elder Princess Ella LOST her brand new Disney Fairies lunch kit. I shoulda knowed this would happen;
  • Major "Spring" cleaning thanks to my mom panicking (spelling?) because the aforementioned houseguests were coming;
  • Making myself crazy with one too many sewing projects which I DID eventually finish in time for Christmas. Although I've still got one gift in process but that's no big because we're not exchanging until later;
  • Dealing with the Hospital's Office of Quality Care and how I'm SO NOT PAYING for...
  • The Great MRSA Scare of 2009 just in time to NOT get to have Thanksgiving with the family;
  • The Yard Sale from Heck where I ended up with MRSA?!?!;
  • Repainting darn near every flat surface in my house. Which came out VERY well, if I do say so meself;
  • Sad Event: my dear friend Shelly McKinney passed away way too young. I want to be like her when I grow up. She will forever be missed. But I know she's kicking it in Heaven, so rock on with your bad self Shelly. But PAUL MCCARTNEY IS MINE!!!!!!! ;-);
  • The Annual Christmas Picture Escapade. No one lost any lives or limbs and the pictures turned out FAB-U-LOUS. Shout out to Portrait Innovations for the 4th or 5th solid year of Xmas pics;
  • The Annual Halloween Sewing Fiasco: 1 Disney Fairy, Silvermist iteration, 1 Disney Snow White, "Classic" iteration, 1 "Star Rocket Boy" aka Star Trek TOS Mr. Suluh (heh);
  • Sewing costumes for The Hub's office spooktacular. Bonus? Getting a sushi gift card from the coworker whose costume I made. It was really nothing at all to do and it was a LOT of fun for me. Shout out to Uncle Robbie, THANKS!!!;
  • Somehwere between here and September, being diagnosed with Multiple Hereditary Osteochondroma;
  • Which meant I was poked, prodded, scanned, iradiated, xrayed and medicated;
  • Which is OK for me because I finally got some answers. Not the ones I *wanted*, but answers nonetheless;
  • I turned 36. Yippee;
  • I hurt really bad due to unknown causes. See October;
  • We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary and didn't kill each other. Actually, I'm being flippant. We really do love each other and the cruise we took really was a blessing;
  • The aforementioned cruise for our anniversary;
  • The girls started public school (K and 2ng grade) for the first time. Bittersweet. But an AWESOME school;
  • Toodloo Tonsils! Which was hellish. Really. I expected to breeze through it, but whoa nelly. I survived. And the thing is, I haven't been sick more than a day at a time since. Prior to surgery, I would get a "cold" that would last 6 weeks or more and I'd be Sick As A Dog;
  • We purchase the new-to-us Kia Sedona LX. Which we love. Adore. Treasure. It's amazing what being a 1-car family for 18 months does to your "gratefulness quotient". Not that I've got a beef with Lynx, but still... Not having to wait for the bus in sweltering weather with no sunshade/wait in the rain with no place to stay dry, well, I won't miss it;
  • Elder Princess Ella turns SEVEN;
  • Dance Recital;
  • We lived through all the above AND homeschooling 1st Grade. See August for results;
  • Uhh.... Something;
  • Uhh.... Something;
  • Prince Lorenzo The Magnificent turns THREE. What are these "Terrible Twos and Threes"?;
  • The Younger Princess Ella turns FIVE;
  • I end up at the pain management specialist for a lovely series of steroid injections in the back to control chronic Sacro-Iliac Joint pain;
  • Something. I can't remember. It's been almost a year. And I've got three kids. By now, my brain is mush.

Now that I've recapped 2009 - and I left out a LOT, I'm sure, let's talk about 2010 since it starts in just over 12 hours.

My personal priorities for the new year are:
  • Talk to my physician about all the CRAP I take. I've got a pharmacy full of meds in my house, many of which are heavy duty narcotics for pain relief. There's GOT to be a better way. SRSLY.
  • Get a 2nd opinion from an Orthopedic doc on the Osteochondroma on my right knee and the Radial Head Dislocation on my right arm, both of which are severely aggravated by cold weather/extreme changes in temperature.
  • Get out of my gym contract. I've not been able to go to the gym more than a few times this year and I've got another full year left on the contract. With all the health issues, surgeries, pain meds/management and whatnot, I've really not been able to take advantage of it and it's a waste. Wish me luck on this one, folks.
  • Physical therapy 3x/wk for SIX weeks. Which was ordered sometime in September but which I've not had ANY chance to get to.
As you can see, the typical "resolutions" just don't appear. "Lose weight" just really isn't doing it for me right now since I'm completely off most forms of physical exercise and I can't swim and we don't have a pool.

Things I've learned in 2009:
  • I'm not meant to eat lots of non-raw food. I do a lot better both gastro-intestinally and emotionally when I Eat More Raw. Forget "Eet Mor Chikin". Shout out here to Angela @ Live Green Smoothie Diet.
  • I really need time to myself to be the best me I can be, both for my children, my husband AND everyone else around me.
  • I can NOT "do it all". It's just not possible. I have to come to grips with the fact that I'm NOT "SuperWoman".
Things I Really Want To Do Just For Me in 2010:
  • Focus more on my skill set: sewing, writing, baking, photography;
  • Blog more. With pictures.
  • Participate in Iron Cupcake: Earth more frequently. With PICTURES.
  • Get stuff up in my Etsy shop. You know, this place?
  • Participate more at Sew Retro. With pictures. I LOVE that place.
  • Try something new. I'm not sure what, but I promise that bungee jumping is NOT one of my options.
Thanks for reading this far and I hope every single one of you has an AMAZING 2010. I plan on it.

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