Friday, March 06, 2009

Raindrops on roses...

And whiskers on kittens...

OK, so they aren't some of my favorite things, but everyone knows the lyrics and from whence they came, so I figured you savvy readers would know that *this post* would be about [drumroll] my favorite things.

From time to time, I'll blog about the aforementioned favorite things but it won't be a regular thing and I'm not committed to how many of them I have. But suffice it to say, you'll get a treat every once in a while.

Today's favorite thing is seeing my kids playing together in the yard while I get the chance to fold laundry in peace. I know, I know it's such a simple thing. And free even! Especially when taking advantage of the sun to dry some of the more heavy duty items like jeans and towels.

So there you go: today's favorite thing: folding laundry in peace and quiet.

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