Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Comes This Time Each Year

Time for pictures, time for cheer. And it's a darn good thing it only comes ONCE. Because the annual foray to acquire a suitable formal picture of the children is a nerve-wracking and harrowing experience. And not just for the poor photographers. Who deserve a patron saint of their own, really, for all they do. It only took a mere 62 pictures to achieve a few decent poses. Which is roughly 20.666666666666666666666666666667 poses per child. Give or take a decimal point or so.

While we were there, a family with 10 people in nicely matching outfits - girls wearing one thing and guys another - came in. How you get TEN people to all smile at the same time is beyond my comprehension when with only THREE little people it practically takes an act of congress.

See what I mean?

Say *Cheese*, not CHEESY!!!

My what lovely teeth you have there. Now can you please keep them inside?

The bathroom is around the corner and down the hall. Can't you hold it?

Gotta run, kthxbai!

I canNOT believe you are making those faces in an attempt to make me smile. That's so childish!

That's all folks!

Actually, we got some really GREAT shots - those were just the bloopers. Here's the whole gang and some selected individual poses:

For those of you lucky souls who get the newsletter via regular mail, you're entitled to one picture of my choosing from this lot. Enjoy!

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