Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mugged By Methodists

Now this isn't really as bad as it sounds. Far from it actually. The Elder Princess Ella had VPK (voluntary pre-kindergarden, paid for by the state, woohoo!) this summer at the local Methodist Church. As part of VPK, the kids took part in the VBS (Vacation Bible School) program for one week. The finale of VBS was on a Sunday and there was a luncheon hosted by the church. It's a really small church, and my Nana is a member there. So during the luncheon, the pastor dropped by our table and "mugged" us.

See? How lovely. So I have my new mug on my sewing desk as a receptacle for sewing pins and whatnot. I'd love to use it for coffee, but then I'd have to empty it.

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