Monday, August 27, 2007

A brief update

It's time once again for a scintillating blog entry. Wowzers. I have a lot that has been going on. I'll give you the highlights:

The Elder Princess Ella graduated from VPK (see pictures & link to YouTube). For those of you not in the know, VPK stands for Voluntary PreKindergarden - a state run school-readiness program. Now normally, I'm not a big fan of big government/the nanny state/whatever, but this was FREE. And our local Methodist Church/preschool offered it. So what's a mom to do? Take full advantage of it, that's what. Turns out the Mister Johnny, the teacher, is a member of our church (bonus points). He was just what the doctor ordered for the budding 5 (going on 15) year old. I'd call it a rousing success - except that The Elder Princess Ella was having shoe issues and didn't want to wear her cap and gown or process in with the other 5 kids... Go figure...

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I joined Weight Watchers. And I love it. And I've lost 5 pounds (results not typical). Let's just say I had a LOT to lose (from my perspective) ::coughfiftypoundscough:: I'm 1/10th the way there. And that's a good start. Now, if only my inlaws don't say "Oh you so fat" when I see them in December. Because, well, I don't know WHAT I might do. But it won't be pretty.

The Prince Consort got the news that his cholesterol was high (really high) and he needed to get it down STAT. So he's working on that. Loosely following the South Beach Diet/Weight Watchers since I'm the one preparing the meals. In the last month, he's lost close to (if not more than) 10 pounds. He bought some 36" waist pants a couple of weeks ago and now they are way loose. He has to wear a belt (not a bad thing in and of itself). His 34" waist pants are actually loose too. Who knows? He might even end up back at the 30" waist he had when we met...

The biggest news? I got a hair cut and a perm. I currently resemble an auburn Q-tip/Little Orphan Annie, but in a day or three, it should calm down quite a bit. When I get a moment, I'll try to snap a pic so you can see the "new" me.

Other interesting tidbits:

The Elder Princess Ella doesn't appear in the dance recital video because of the JERKS who used their cameras with flash - despite warnings NOT TO - during the recital. The video company lost 70% of the footage from one of the shows (the only one she danced in). I'm hopping mad. Let this be a lesson to all - if you use your flash during the recital, I WILL FIND YOU. I WILL INTERVENE. You don't DO that.

The Elder Princess Ella is turning into quite the little artist AND she can read. Not Pride & Prejudice (yet) but close. :) Here's a sample of her latest artwork:

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It's a picture of her playing Barbie & the 12 Dancing Princesses game for PS2 on the big TV while daddy sleeps on the sofa.

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