Wednesday, October 18, 2006

You may be asking yourself why you see these odd pictograms on your screen. They are - in fact - the Chinese characters for my children's Chinese names. Pronunciation is given below in color-coded links.
Why do your children have Chinese names? What are you - Some kind of Sino-phile?
Actually, no. My children have Chinese names because they are part Chinese! My husband is Chinese-Indonesian. His late father hailed from Fujien Province on the mainland of China. My husband's mother hails from Jakarta, Indonesia. Thus, our children are Primarily Chinese-Indonesian with a smattering of Irish-German-Indian thrown in for good measure on my side. This accounts for their good looks.
As my husband says, when you mix White and Asian it can go really really well - or really really BAD. We lucked out!

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The Younger Princess Ella's Chinese Name
Prince Lorenzo's Chinese Name

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