Friday, October 20, 2006

What NOT to wear - AGAIN!

Only this time, my rant is not for myself, but on behalf of my children. Who aren't twins. I promise!

My children are diminutive in stature (as am I) AND width-wise (not like me)... They inherited my Mother-In-Law's size. Lucky kids. So now I'm having the darndest time shopping for them. Never mind the fact that Miss High Maintenance - The Younger Princess Ella - refuses to wear anything BUT a skirt/top or a dress. No pants. No shorts. Nada. Zip. Zilch. So off we go to FIND her something...

Today while on a shopping expedition worthy of note, Bealls (The self-proclaimed "Florida Store") had not ONE item that I deemed worthy of putting on my children in their sizes. Corduroy Jumpers with ELMO on them don't cut it around here. Besides which, who wants to wear a turtleneck and corduroy in 95° weather? We have flamingoes instead of reindeer, here folks. Let me say that I find it AMAZING that a “Florida” store sells clothing more appropriate to more northerly climes. I find it DOUBLE amazing that they don’t sell ONE item in a size 3/3T. Or a 2T. Or a 4T. 24 months? Check. 4? Check.

So what’s a doting mama to do? Check another store, of course! Marshall’s had NOTHING my child would see fit to wear and WHERE were the holiday dresses? Nowhere to be found! That’s where!

So after all that – and it was an adventure – I decided that for the same kind of money I would spend on A DRESS ($15-25) I could whip out at least TWO dresses (one per daughter) and save myself the aggravation of dealing with trying to find clothes that fit.

I ask you – why is it that fashionable grown-up clothes come in Size Negative 3 for all these malnourished teeny boppers who need to eat a meal or three a day, but childrens clothing is designed for miniature sasquatch? There’s an incredible disconnect here, folks!


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