Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Does Pink Always Equal Girl?

When exactly was it that PINK was set as the default for girls and BLUE for boys?

Now I asked myself this question shortly after I discovered the gender of Lorenzo the Magnificent. And lest you be confused, I mean BEFORE he was born (I'd be in bad shape if I didn't figure that out until sometime AFTER he was born, now wouldn't I ?).

I found that I ABHOR baby blue in every form it can take. I prefer shades of turquoise, green and yellow for a boy baby. I mean seriously folks, does a boy baby suddenly lose his penis if he wears something other than baby blue or something with some form of team sport emblazoned on it?

While I was shopping for Lorenzo for things to wear shortly after birth, I found a BLUE million (muhahahahah) things in baby blue bedecked with baseball, basketball, football, soccer and whatnot but try to find ANYTHING in some other color.... Well.... there weren't any to be found.

I did find some cute stuff that was not so explicitly ... over-compensating but I was wondering where the "Daddy's Little Ass Kicker" martial arts t-shirts were. I mean I saw plenty of "Daddy's Little ", but not much else.

I guess part of my color angst is derived from the fact that BOTH of the Princesses Ella were always asked if they were girls FROM BIRTH. Now pardonnez moi, but the girls had LONG thick hair with HAIR BOWS in PINK or LAVENDAR in them and earrings to boot. After a while, I got to the point of answering this way when asked "What a cute little... Is that a girl or a boy?"

Are you ready for it? Here it is...

Well, if she was a boy, she'd probably be pretty screwed up as an adult for wearing pink hair bows and earrings and DRESSES wouldn't she?

Maybe I'm just pretty snarky, but after going through this twice, I was done. Stick a fork in me.

So fast forward ac ouple of kids and here's Lorenzo the magnificent. He's decked out in manly clothes - like a SUIT. I get the following:

"What a cute little.... That's a boy right?"

OY! I can't win for losing. Of course, in his defense, he is the world's cutest baby EVER. Long lovely eyelashes and all. But there's NO WAY you could confuse him for a girl.

Suri Cruise - eat your heart out!

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