Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I *heart* my PT Cruiser...

But I don't love the dealership.

It all started when my engine light came on. As I'm leaving the house to pick up my kids of school, I noticed the engine light was on. It hadn't been on earlier in the day when I was running errands, so I thought it was somewhat odd and mentioned it to my husband that evening. And like all good tech-heads do, he got all anxious and had to whip out the manual and read up on what could possibly be the problem. He went online and searched through a bagillion PT Cruiser owner/maintainance sites and learned how to self-diagnose the problem. The problem? A faulty O2 sensor (that's oxygen sensor to us lay-folks).

So the requisite appointment was made at the dealership to repair said faulty sensor (it's the front one) since we have the Chrysler Corp. Service Contract (which basically means that this $300+ repair is costing us a whopping C note.) I dropped the car yesterday at lunch time and was *assured* that my car would be done *that afternoon*. Yes, I need the 60K miles service and NO I don't want it today ($380 is a little much for me this week in addition to the repair). Yes, I'm sure I want to do it next week. Very good.

Borrow hubby's Integra (1994 GSR model). I do NOT like this car. Yes, it's built for small Asian people. Yes, I'm small. But it's darn-frigging uncomfortable and hauling the baby-bucket in and out of the back seat is a MAJOR PITA. Oh yeah... And one of the seatbelt clips broke in the back seat, so now one of my kids has to sit in front since her car seat can't be buckled in the back any more...

So I'm thinking I can handle borrowing the tin can for an afternoon and I'll have my car back. Right? WRONG!!! What they failed to mention to me was that - oops - they are all out of O2 sensors and they can have one shipped in tomorrow (which is today). Now that's JUST PEACHY. I have 3 kids in carseats, appointments out the wazoo today and NO CAR and NO RIDE. Greeeeeeeeaaaaaat.

I'm supposed to hear from my hubby this morning at 9AM what the ETA for my car is. If it isn't 2PM or sooner, I'm going to holler like mad for either A) a loaner car so I can do what I need to do or B) rental car re-imbursement for same. It's UNACCEPTABLE that they can't figure out that they are out of the part needed before the take my car away. It's not like they didn't know at 9AM that the car was coming in that day. We called early. We made an appointment. We did our part. Now fix my car and return it to me when you promised it or make arrangments so I'm not unduly inconvenienced.

That is all.

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