Sunday, January 02, 2011

What Day Is It?

With the Christmas holidays starting late this year (12/23) and running halfway through January it seems, I keep forgetting which day it is. Especially when we go to Mass on Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday morning. I get all wonky with my days.

I ~think~ today is Sunday. It has to be because today was Sunday Sweets over at CakeWrecks. Isn't that scary? I'm checking the blogroll instead of the calendar to know what day it is?

Anyhow, the New Year Festivities™ are behind us, Christmas dec is taken down - not voluntarily - and there's only one week in the Octave of Christmas left. The ennui that I felt leading up to Christmas has been replaced by a sense of anticipation for what 2011 is going to bring. I've said I'm not making resolutions but rather looking to start a revolution. Because we all want to change the world. I'm not naive enough to think that I can change the world solo.

Can a blogger even change the world? Have I changed your world somehow?

I have to shout out to a few bloggers who have changed my perception of the world:

Joe George at Urban Simplicity
Jane Lebak at Seven Angels, Four Kids, One Family
Jen at Epbot/CakeWrecks

If you were to ask me how these bloggers changed my perception of the world - and let's face it, perception is everything - I would say...

Joe - challenged me to look past the ordinary and slow down and appreciate life in the slow lane. I found his blog looking for a recipe for Ezekiel bread. I stayed for the rest. While I haven't climbed on my recently repaired bicycle yet and used it as an alternate form of transport, I'm really looking forward to it.

Jane - opened my eyes to the world of the supernatural in ways that I'd previously been ignorant of. I've "known" Jane online for almost a decade and she's funny and witty and wise. My world would be a much duller place without Jane in it.

Jen - is "local" to me in the sense that we live in the same metropolitan area. But we've never met in person. Life is like that sometimes. But between the funny that is CakeWrecks and the artsy inspiration that is Epbot, I feel connected somehow. Jen is the kind of person I would TOTALLY hang out with in meat life. Totally.

So, which bloggers have changed your perception of the world or made your world a better place? Leave a comment so I can check them out!

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