Friday, August 20, 2010

Sky rockets in flight...

Name the song title, win a prize! Today's winner will receive something, I'm not sure what, from my Stash o' Stuff™ at some future date. It could be a non-working pen or a funny card or something. No promises.

Anyhow, before I head out for the afternoon rounds, I wanted to catch you up on the whole "since we got back from Summer Vacation" thing.

Jet lag. It's a [redacted]. Might as well be called "Jet Hag". I'm VERY glad we had almost a week between getting home and the start of school.

Lost bag(s). Because we flew standby to get home faster than our actual tickets, our poor bags didn't make it home with us. And you know what? I don't care. I was WASTED and didn't want to deal with 6 HUGE checked bags the day I got home after being on airplanes for over 24 hours. United's customer service ROCKS OUT LOUD. Especially Ms. Eileen Yearwood. She made it possible for us to get home WELL before midnight with three exhausted kids. If it weren't for her, we would have been grounded in DC because of weather and had to cool our heels in the airport overnight.

I found out I'm gluten intolerant! While I'm not diagnosed with Celiac's Disease, let's just say that eating gluten for me is Right Out.

Eldest Daugther received a diagnosis of ADD which is a GOOD thing. She should be able to get the help she needs for FCAT testing and stuff. In related news, the therapist also believes that Middle Child also has ADD but manifesting as extreme hyperfocus and anxiety over change/disorder. So while we have to work with Eldest Daughter to get her MORE organized and on task, we have to work with Middle Child to get her LESS anal. The advice given: "Let stuff slide for her. Let her mess up." I really do expect Middle Child's head to explode from this. She's Lawful Good. She's like a Paladin on crack.

I know I've got more to say, but honestly, my brain is mush because of Jet Hag.

So I'll catch you all on the flip side and update some more later.

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