Sunday, July 04, 2010

Summer + Vacation = TOURISTS!

Most of the time, when we visit Indonesia, we don't do the "tourist" thing. Especially since Mommy is bule*. I tend to stick out like a sore thumb OR get confused with being Australian expat. Until I open my mouth. Confusion abounds since I don't talk like an Aussie. When it's revealed that I'm an American "on holiday", eyebrows reach for the hairline. Until I explain that I'm visiting family.


Ngga**. My husband is a local.

Then wreaths of smiles and questions about how I like the food, "what's your favorite [thing/place/dish]?", "have you been to [place]?" More smiles when I say "Oh yes, I love [place] and I'm going back there this trip. Bali is nice and we're going there again this time also. When I retire I'm going to expat to Indo..." Which I fully intend to do. I LOVE IT HERE. It's my home away from home. And sometimes, when I'm not expecting it, it feels MORE like home than home.

Especially when home has Sea World and here has Sea World. See?
Parking at Ancol: 10.000Rp ($1.10)
Admission to Sea World Indonesia: 36.000Rp/person ($3.75USD x 6 = $22.50)
Souvenir plate with the kids' picture on it: 55.000Rp ($5.56)
Spending the day with Ama**** and Kuku***** and making memories that will last? PRICELESS

*Bule: Foreigner
**Ngga: No
***Ama: Nana
****Kuku: Daddy's Sister

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