Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hooray for BALI-wood…

Hooray for BALI-wood…
We re-visited some of our favorite places like Ibu Oka’s Babi Guling and the Sacred Monkey Forest at Ubud. We stayed at my favorite Bali hotel – Hotel Santika – which has this amazingly refreshing drink made with lemongrass, sugar and water. Oh my. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
The Family at the Sacred Monkey Forest
We had some fun at the pasar at Suka Wati and I scored some great deals for being bule.

We've decided that we really need to build a bale bali in our backyard. And if we ever do massive renovations to our house? I'm SO going to buy in Bali and have it crated and shipped home. The craftsmanship is unrivalled.

While in Ubud, we stopped in at Naughty Nuri's which - according to Anthony Bourdain - has the "World's Best Martini". Which I took a picture of. And believe me, when you pay $10USD for a martini in Indonesia, it better damn well be the "world's best". It was smokin'! See?
"World's Best Martini"
Now, I'm no connoissouer of alcohol, so pardon me when I say it tasted like lighter fluid. And O.M.G. did it have a kick. It took me, my husband AND my BIL to finish it. Don't let that innocent lemon twist fool you. That thing was PURE HIGH OCTANE. No wonder Bourdain called it "World's Best". But at least I can say I've had it.

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