Wednesday, September 09, 2009

$1.73 at Taco Bell saves lives?

I can't say for certain, but I firmly believe that a trip to Taco Bell saved the lives of two small children today. I missed lunch today and was contemplating going to Taco Bell "A" which is on the way to my children's school. As I was pulling out of the driveway, I was prompted - no doubt by my guardian angel - to drive in the opposite direction. As I contemplated pulling in to McDonald's and Burger King, I was prompted to drive past them. I thought "I"ll just pull on to 1st Street and check out one of the local eateries" and immediately felt cautioned to go LEFT onto highway 46 rather than right on to 1st Street. I've learned from past experiences to follow the prompts rather than ignore them. So I dutifully turned left and continued past the hospital over the Amtrak and down towards the mall and whatever food was there.

As I'm driving, I see a young man in his early to mid twenties pushing an umbrella stroller with two babies in it. The older of the two was holding the younger on it's lap. The oldest was perhaps two and the younger was 8-12 months old. The young man had stopped momentarily and looked absolutely exhausted.

If you know anything about Florida, you'd know that pedestrians die here in unreal numbers every year due to car vs. pedestrian incidents. The young man was walking in an area with no sidewalk on the paved shoulder with traffic going around 55 mph. I contemplated pulling a u-turn and offering them a ride since I had an empty car and carseats, but I felt a prompting NOT to do so. As I was driving, I felt compelled to call the non-emergency police number but when I did, I was connected to the Sherrif's department. When I relayed what I'd seen, they connected me with the dispatch department who took all the information and sent out a deputy to check it out.

I made it to Taco Bell and got my two crunchy tacos ($1.73) and was all set to go the back way home to pick up the girls from school, but I was compelled *again* to go back the way I came to check on the young man and babies. I watched the road for signs of them but didn't see them at all. I did see a Sherriff's cruiser looking for them, so I can only assume they either caught a bus (unlikely) or a Good Samaritan gave them a lift where they needed to go.

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