Sunday, June 07, 2009

car shopping, an exercise in futility

The title says it all. Once upon a time, we were a two car family. Two paid in full cars. Until one got stolen. And it didn't have theft insurance because it was such a beater. And so we perservered with one car for one year because we didn't want to make a "rash" decision and then another five months because we didn't have adequate fundage to commit to such a purchase and because gas was SO HIGH and we were used to it all. Now the time has come to purchase a second car. And loathe as we are to take financing, it's just going to have to happen. We're not picky, really. If we were going to write a personal ad, it would look like this:

Hot mama needs hot car. Fuel guzzling road hogs need not apply. Import a
plus, and if you're RED, so much the better. Leather seats turn me on. Must have
adequate entertainment features for those long hauls.

The reality is, finding a CLEAN, low miles, appropriate (think three kids in car seats) vehicle that is in our price range is nearly impossible. Bah humbug. It's not like we're on a deadline or anything. It's not like August 24th is LOOOOOOOOMING or nuthin'.



Busters Mom said...

I just came across you blog not to long ago. I feel your pain in the car shopping department. I was forced to buy another car after an accident. And not happy about it. My van was almost paid off at the time. When we finally got around to buying another car it was so hard to get anything to be in our price range and in good condition and low miles.

I hope the next time I go to buy a car I will have all the time in the world to make up my mind and shop every car dealership, car lot, and used car ads to my hearts desire until I find excatally what I want. lol.

Llama llama, Not yo mama said...

My advice: Seriously. Once I take a picture of my new car, I'll blog it.