Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What starts with "Eff"

And rhymes with "loo"?

pigs in space, miss piggy

The irony of this? I've never had the flu before. So I always thought I'd get it when pigs fly. Sweet, sweet irony. The fact that I'm even able to post anything at all is a testament to my internal fortitude and better living through pharmaceuticals.

Thank whatever deities you worship that I have broadband internet access and netflix on my laptop. Otherwise I'd be going nucking futz over here.

On a lighter note, the Elder Princess Ella was deputized to be "Junior Mommy" and mind her siblings while I died the death of thousand chills. She was beyond pleased to be "Junior Giovannina" for a day. I just hope it doesn't go to her head... It's big enough already. Like mother, like daughter I guess.

So far today, I've gone through an entire box of kleenex (yes, Kleenex brand facial tissues for those of you linguistic purists). I'm staying hydrated and in bed so I don't contaminate the whole of my fair town. Although, the dude who decided it would be cool to rape and rob a woman at gunpoint and THEN try to sell his victim drugs one block away from my mom's house is welcome to come over and get GOOD and INFECTED. Just for him I'd share my germs. Everyone else stay away. FAR away. Far FAR away.

In fact, run away!

And just because I love you all a LOT, I'm adding a bonus video:
Star Trek Knights of the Round Table


meridith said...

do you seriously have the swine flu or just the regular flu? that is crazy if you do. how did you get it?

Llama llama, Not yo mama said...

We're thinking the gym. Because other than that, I don't go anywhere unless I'm with my mom or nana. And neither of them are sick... So it has to be the one place I went without them. There was a suspected case of it at a school not far from our house... Who knows... Allz I know is that I feel like crap. :(

meridith said...

that's so crazy. there are like 4 cases in ohio right now i think. 2 here in columbus at OSU.

i'm so sorry you are sick! sending up a prayer for you!! hope this passes quickly and you are feeling better soon!