Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hello Look Out World!

She's on the mend.

Okay, there's a prize* to the first person who understands the significance of this post title. And you don't even have to know 1337 to get it.

I'm feeling SO much better than yesterday. But not as much as tomorrow. There's a prize* for the person who correctly identifies the significance of that phrase. And no cheating with Google.

I can NOT believe how much better REST makes you feel. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids. But let me tell you something... Having three little [cough]angels[cough] hanging around with the pitter patter thundering of little feet pachyderms is NOT conducive to recovery. Thank God for family that lives nearby.

Here's the Weekend Wacky Wondering for you... When you're home alone, do you close the bathroom door?

And on a more serious note, have you ever had a book that you've really wanted to read but no matter how hard you try you Just Can Not Get Into It? Mine is this one...

I've wanted to be able to read and really understand it's concepts for years. But I swear, it's written in some sort of scientific-ese that this dancer just can't get. I'll go you one further... My eyes start to glaze over after about 3 pages worth.

Anyhow that's the Weekend Update. :-)

*All prizes are virtual and have no monetary value and are subject to withdrawal at the sole discrection of the blogger, but not Blogger. This offer null and void in most parts of the Non-Free World and some parts of the Free World.

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