Sunday, March 29, 2009

Intrepid Seamstress vs. Hildegarde

When last we saw the Intrepid Seamstress, she was battling the bodyform known as Hildegarde the Unweildy.

Intrepid Seamstress 1, Hildegarde 0:

After removal of the foamie mammaries and repositioning of same, fitting could proceed on the bodice:

Snug as a boob bug in a rug! Onwards!

Note the leftover mammaries in the belly area. ^_^

The finished product:

A few notes to ponder:

  1. The Intrepid Seamstress is not now and may never again be pregnant. That bulgy thing is what happens when three babies have taken residence on the interior of the abdominal cavity for approximately 9 months each.
  2. The Husband of the Intrepid Seamstress nearly busted a gut laughing at just how accurate a representation of her body Hildegarde is.
  3. No, the Intrepid Seamstress will NOT be showing a comparison photograph, so just don't even ask. Trust me, it's A PERFECT COPY. Srsly. 4 realz.
  4. The middle child pointed to it and said "You have a BIG BELLY!" No kidding squirt. See #1 above.

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