Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summertime... Summer Summer Summertime

Or something... I've not added an entry in a month which almost forever on the interwebz. I've been a little busy with birthdays and recitals and being sick and then a handy dandy trip to the ER. Which was fun. Really. Nothing says F-U-N like being on the table in the ER and then your BP crashing REALLLLLLLLLY LOW and having your arms seize up and then suddenly there's like 10 docs running EKGs and whatnot and shoving O2 canulas up your nose in an effort to keep you from de-satting and crashing. Oh yeah. Fun times. I was laying there with my body frozen and thinking "Gee, this is like an episode of "House" except I'm not acting and there's no Hugh Laurie. Sucks to be me..." The good news is that I don't have Toxis Sinovi-something-or-other and it's just Bursitis. The even better news is that I have a NICE NSAID to help the swelling.

The Elder Princess Ella is at "dance camp" all week. YAY! She's enjoying herself royally (ha ha). Next week is "zoo camp". Hoorah!

Today was the follow-up for Lorenzo's ortho appt. I drove 45 minutes each way to hear "He looks great" and spend less than 15 minutes in the doc's office. Oh well. That's life...

Next Tuesday the Younger Princess Ella gets a kidney U/S and a VCUG - all because of one measly UTI. Fun times will be sure the be had by all (not).

Once we make it past next week then we have zoo camp for the littles, VBS for the girls and dance camp for the middle child. Then there's a 2 week breather and the middle child starts VPK (Voluntary Pre-K). First grade starts the first week of September for the oldest of my progeny. Wheeeeee.

And the really good part? We *all* start dance class on August 18th. That includes me, too. Srsly. I can has tap shoes. And ballet shoes. And jazz shoes. And recital costume apparently. So that's the update for now. See you on the flip side.

Oh and RIP George Carlin & Tim Russert.

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