Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Go Lynx & Take The Magic With You!

I know the title sounds weird, but bear with me. When I lived in Hotlanta, the war chant for the Braves was "Go Braves & take the Falcons with you!" This was solely because both ball teams sucked pretty bad. Lynx is our local public transpo (similar to Atlanta's MARTA but without the spiffy light rail). The last time I rode Lynx, was in 1980. The busses were pretty much not airconditioned that great and it took FORever to get anywhere.

As you know, the Prince Consort's car was thefted a couple of months back. So we've been doing the one car bit with me having ZERO car and the Prince Consort has been taking my car to work. Why? Because I'm a lazy butt and don't want to schlep the kids out of the house at 7:30 every morning to take him to work and then drive home and then drive back to get him and then drive home again. And who could blame me? Gas has gone from LOL to WTF. See what I mean?


Anyhow, how this relates to the lackluster Orlando Magic and Lynx...

The last two days, I've been using Lynx to tote the children on errands and what-not. It beats walking. The busses are now icy-cold and are like knock-off Disney busses. If you've ever ridden a Disney bus, you'll know what I'm talking about. A one-way fare is $1.75. An all day pass is $4. 7 days? A mere $14 (bought one yesterday). 30 days? $30. A buck a day. Now THAT you can't beat with a stick. I can't even fill my gas tank up for less than $30. Let alone carry insurance or car maintainance. So I think I'll keep doing the public transpo thing for a while. We're saving our pennies to get a hefty down payment on a Mazda5 in 2009. See?


Now I will say for the record that the Blue Mazda5 Grand Touring has NOTHING to do with the Orlando Magic. We just like a sporty color. And we're tired of red. On the topic of the Magic? Please, stop threatening to leave Orlando if you don't get a bigger, better, badder arena. You suck. You can't keep a decent coach. So explain to me WHY?! you deserve a bazillion dollar arena paid for by taxpayers?
So Go Lynx!!! You rock (except for the bus yesterday that was an hour late on account of breaking down).
Go Magic (on the bus out of town)! You won't be missed. Except for the drain on Orlando taxpayer pocketbooks.

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