Tuesday, March 04, 2008

When Bollywood goes HORRIBLY wrong

First watch the video. THEN read the blog.

Where do I begin?

Who knew that Superman and SpiderGirl had a thing? Or was the wardrobe department not able to find Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman outfit?

I don't speak Hindi or Punjabi, but I loves me some Bollywood as long as it's subtitled in Engrish. Because when it's not, sometimes I think I'm hearing things. Like in this clip I swear I hear SpiderGirl singing "Do me now Supermaaaan" and Superman responding "Do me now laaaaadeeeeee". Now I could be WAY off on this because in my experience with Bollywood films, s-e-x is just not that obvious and spelled out.

And while we're on the subject of songs, let's not forget the Disco-fabuloso soundtrack and the grooooovy dancing inspired by Napoleon Dynamite. While I've never seen the entire film, I've seen clips of the Buonaparte Dynamo and I have to say that somebody stole them some moves from someone. Speaking of moves, check out the Mile High Club action (Bollywood style) and the Disco Ninja action. Supa-supa-supa-supa-supa Man has WAY awesome power that he can just spin that dude over his head and dude KEEPS spinning long after SM has lost interest.

And when the beleaugered boyfriend and swooning sari-clad sweetheart are saved, SupaMan and SpiderLaaadeee take a quick break to work on their jazzercise to rebuild their strength before easin' on down the road err.... sky to their next destination...

The Miss Delhi Scholarship Pageant and Breakdancing Contest. With a Cammeo (har har) by Rick James. And a Lindy Hop Jack-n-Jill. And a Soul Train dance line. Heck, they pulled out ALL the stops for this one. It's Indian Bandstand! We'll be back after this brief message about nail varnish quick dry from our sponsor, Sally Hansen...

And while this video is particularly humourous, I have to give mad props to this one. Especially the guy who subtitled it.

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