Saturday, February 02, 2008

I'll Get You Murphy, And Your Little Law, Too!

Murphy - wherever you are, this serves as official notice that you are a wanted man... er... person. Your antics since the first of the year are NOT FUNNY. Do you hear that?! N.O.T. F.U.N.N.Y.
It wasn't bad enough that the Prince Consort's car was stolen two weeks ago. And then the Elder Princess Ella and Younger Princess Ella managed to loosen the Elder's bottom tooth by accidentally getting a rope around it and pulling accidentally too hard. The blood, sweat and tears caused by that was enough to give me pause.
But then, this morning we discovered that the clothes dryer that has served us pretty faithfully over the last 10 years had gone to the great appliance graveyard in the sky and left it's rusting shell as it's only corporeal evidence. So today, we acquired a new Maytag dryer courtesy of Appliance Direct! The World's Largest Apppliance Showroom!

Now you might think I'm crazy for talking in front of appliances. And you'd be right. We procure the dryer and off we go. No sooner did we load the soaking wet clothes BACK into the washer and tote the old, dead dryer away, did the old washer start shaking like a holy roller on crack. This was just after the agitator decided it wanted to be quirky. So we decided what the hey, let's get a new washer. 15 minutes after leaving our local AD, I waltzed back in and plunked down our hard-earned cash (there's a reason it's called an Emergency Fund, folks) and loaded the matching washer into the back of the Parental Units' van and toted it home. Now, one hour a sore back and a few scrapes and bruises later, the appliances are hooked up and functional.

As for Murphy, all I have left to offer is the following:

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