Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Good Morning, Good Morning!

Nothing quite starts the day out right like having your car thefted from in front of your house in the dead of night. Yes indeedy, you get this bizarre feeling that you are not in Kansas anymore, Toto. So what do you do? Get mad? Get even? No. You blog. You blog because it is funny. You blog because you know what the car is REALLY like. And you know the joke is on the perp.

Let me begin by saying it wasn't MY car that was stolen. Nosirreebob. It was the Prince Consort's vehicle - aged and decrepit as it was - that was heisted from the street in front of our house. Apparently the remote transmitters for the alarm died 2 days ago. Because that is ALWAYS how things work. The alarm system dies and THEN the car gets stolen. And why not while we weren't even HOME for a month?

Anyhow, the car is gone, it had no theft coverage because of it's age and (lack of) value and so now we're a one conveyance family. Which is to say that we are shuffling schedules to make this work until tax time. We love tax time. Because tax time is bonus time and that means a nice little nest egg with wich we will part company almost as quickly as we make it's acquaintance. And that is fine.

You may be asking yourself why the joke is on the perp. Well, would YOU steal a car that needed a new timing belt? Or that had body damage from a recent fender bender? Or that had a SERIOUS roof leak that let in copious amounts of precipitation Every Time It Rains? See, YOU, faithful reader, are SMART. Or at least have a healthy sense of Good vs Bad Karma. I figure it like this: that car was a beater. It STUNK to high heaven because the carpet was permanently moist from the roof leak. The stereo speakers were busted. It needed a 135,000 mile service and then some.

So, now, faithful readers, I leave you with the following sentiment:


Anonymous said...

That reminds me of when someone broke into our house and took our tv. We had lost the remote for it so it always had the channel number displayed largely in the middle of the screen. We hadn't been able to find a universal remote that could fix that. The only time the channel number wasn't displayed was when you pushed a volume button. My husband rigged the volume up button to stay on constantly so you could see the screen. The volume was too loud then so he took the speaker cover off and stuffed a pair of his dirty socks in. Have I mentioned that my husband has the worst smelling feet in the world? We were cracking up imagining the poor thief trying to pawn our stinky sock television.

Nina - Not A Llama, but rather The Empress! said...

Serves them right, doesn't it?