Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Gallbladder Be Gone!

Yesterday was my gallbladder surgery. It was outpatient and painless. Considering I was knocked out, it better have been painless. Recovery was a pain in the tushy, though. The surgeon wouldn't let me go home unless I could pee on my own. And I couldn't. For HOURS. At least it felt that way. Anyhow, they cathed me and all was well and I could go home.

We stopped off at SuperTarget to grab my Hydrocone/Acetamenophin script and a nice BIG latte for me. Drugs good, coffee BAD. I should have known better. But I wanted it soooo badly. And I paid for it in spades later.

I made some "Erstwhile Apple Pie" for dinner (I'll post that recipe next) and got set up in bed to watch Macross 7 on the laptop.

2AM came and I couldn't sleep because of the pain. Now the pain isn't near my incisions. OH NO. It's in my abs. I feel/felt like I'd been beaten up by a gang of angry mutant midgets (think the Seven Dwarfs on crack). Took some more drugs around 730-ish and now I'm feeling mildly uncomfortable, but not like I want to hurt the frigging crack-head dwarfs who did this to me.

I REALLY want a shower and to wash my hair but that has to wait until tomorrow. UGH.

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