Saturday, April 28, 2007

bumGenius Rocks Out Loud

I've blogged about how great these diapers are in the past. And I truly meant every word. Since then, DoulaJenn has released bumGenious v. 2.0 which I have yet to try. Reason? I've returned to the dark side of disposable diapering. Why? Houseguests. Houseguests who did so much laundry my head was spinning (not to mention the agitator on my washer) and I couldn't get int there to do the extra load or two per week. When was this? Ohhhhh December of 2006. Yup. It's officially been 5 months since I moved the diaper pail onto the back porch (full). Imagine if you will a diaper pail... It wasn't as foul as I had expected, actually. It stunk to high heaven, but if you consider that it's been out there since before Christmas and it's been in the 80s since February... I was expecting a lab experiment.

So, I dumped the whole affair into the washer, never kind the laundry tabs, never mind the velcro cuz I was SO NOT gonna touch it. Nuh uh. I had started the water and put a capful of Clorox bleach (the one with the pink label cuz it smells purty - that never hurts, right?)

1 oz. of Method laundry detergent (Morning Bloom Scent)

and up-ended the diaper pail into it the washer. The diaper bag,

a purple Bummis Tote, went in, too.

Set that sucker on SOAK and left it over night. It's a GOOD thing we didn't need to wash anything else the last couple of days... Fast forward to this afternoon (which is a story in itself) and I peeked in the washer. The water was BLACK. Opaque black. And it had STUFF floating in it. I couldn't tell what it was and there was no WAY in hell I was gonna stick my hands in it to find out, either.

I set the washer to PRE-WASH which basically agitates the fool out of the wash load and empties the water. No rinse. After the pre-wash cycle was over, I peeked in the washer. The covers looked GREAT but I couldn't see the Cotton Babies Microfiber Inserts as I'd left them inside the dipes. No problem. I will confess that the covers had some discoloration on some of them that seem to be from pee pee ammonia. But ya know what? Lorenzo isn't going to be going outside the house a la Madonna with his underwear as outerwear. So I don't care.

I threw the car seat cover and dress that had puke on them (that's the other story) in with the covers, ran a 14 minute wash cycle with 2 rinses using just the Method detergent. Result? Diapers that are clean enough to use - nay - look almost new! And a puke-free dress and car seat cover.

I don't know what the secret to the bumGenii are but I'm glad I invested in them. I truly thought I'd flushed a couple hundred bucks down the drain. So, folks, go out and buy some bumGenius! Now appearing at select Whole Foods Markets. Sadly, NOT the one that is local to me.

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TheMegster said...

Toxic aged diapers and a puked-on dress.... quite a cocktail you were mixing up in there! *retch*