Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oh give me a home...

I’ve an interesting update to give. I may be long-winded here and I apologize. I’ve been multi-tasking and so I’ve not spent as much time at my desk as I should to get my thoughts out. I’m thinking I need a “sidekick” or something so I can log my thoughts while I’m on the go.

First off, I’ve really discovered the joy of turning off the A/C and heat and just running the fans as necessary. Our house is no where NEAR as “stinky” as it was before and we aren’t getting sick as much either. I firmly believe that there is a correlation between inside air being laden with nastiness and it getting trapped and making people sick. When our house is roughly the same temperature inside as out, we don’t feel the extremes of heat or cold as much. So out with the old and in with the new (air).

Another thing I’ve been noticing is that my patience with rude and impatient people is lessening. I know that’s probably quite ironic all things considered. But really. I have three small children who are all in car seats. Is it that difficult to wait for me to get them safely buckled in before you begin to honk your horn at me to move my ass? I really DO try to clip them as quickly as possible because *I* don’t want to stand out in the hot sun any more than you want to wait for a parking space.

And what is it with people who drive inconsiderately? Is the interstate their own private road? If so, then why am I paying taxes to maintain it? Seriously folks, the SPEED LIMIT is there for a reason. I’ve got no beef with going 5mph over the posted limit. That’s not egregious. But to lay on the horn when someone IS driving 5 over and YOU are doing 25 over is just plain silly. Slow down moron. Makes me wonder where the Highway Patrol is when you “need” them.

I’m so fed up with cars and gas prices and car seats and all the paraphernalia that goes along with cars, I’m this | | close to getting a horse and buggy. Seriously. Except for a few minor details like housing and feeding a horse and parking him when we go shopping and stuff… You know – the little stuff. But at least it wouldn’t cost me $40,000 to seat 7 passengers. I wonder if Honda makes a 7 Passenger Buckboard and what model horse comes with it.

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