Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Great Experiment - Part DEUX!

As stated before, we're working on a challenge to live off (read FOOD only) of roughly the amount of money a food stamp/wic recipient would get. In my aread that's about $601 a month for a family of five plus WIC benefits.

So, I'm starting a new weel tomorrow, Wednesday the 18th, and will be updating our progress from there. Now you may be asking yourself why we are attempting this challenge as it certainly isn't strictly NECESSARY for the survival of the Royal Family. It's just an exercise.

Also, we're trying to reduce the royal debt. Not that it's unwieldy, mind you. It's not. I'd just rather not have it at all. To that end, we've explored the Total Money MakeOver by Dave Ramsey and we frequent a forum called No More Debt.

The royal budget has been adjusted accordingly and we'll post our progress here.

So the update for the week:

Groceries at Target: $99.87
Minus the $5 check from Similac for a total out of pocket of: $94.87

Not bad considering we stocked up on formula (the big can on sale for $20, minus the $5 manufacturer check), seafood (on sale), muffin mixes, juice boxes (on sale), frozen pizzas (on sale) and so on. Also got pull-ups ($14.49 for 44) for about the same as the warehouse price… Makes me rethink that warehouse membership…

Got organic bananas!!! WAHOO 69¢ per pound so not that much more than conventional bananas. Got organic pasta sauce for less than a national brand. Another bonus! Got organic green onions, too, for the same price as conventional.

Combine that with what I defrosted and we’re going to be eating like KINGS for the next week.

For the record, here’s my receipt:

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I just LOVE seeing all those little arrows pointing down and showing a SALE price. I scored some Coconut Shrimp for $5. MMMMMMMMMMM What a TREAT.

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