Thursday, September 21, 2006

Some Assembly Required - AKA The story of my life...

Bounce Bounce Baby, Too Cool!

This thing is the Best Kid's Product Ever. OK, so it's not an official award or nuthin' but seriously, I found this toy to be AbFab! From the printed directions, to ease of setup to the way Lorenzo the Magnificent LOVES IT, it's a super cool thing!

I *rarely* write reviews of products. In fact, I read them way more than write them. I think this may be one of three? I've ever written. Maybe I'll write more, but who knows.

First of all, the directions for this product were EXCELLENT. The diagrams were perfectly clear and understandable. The English instructions were actually written by someone who spoke English as a first language. There were no egregious errors in spelling or punctutation - including Hyper-Apostrophis (excessive use of the Apostrophe). All diagrams were CLEARLY labeled and matched the parts they referred to.

Secondly, all the parts actually fit into each other properly. You know "Insert Tab A Into Slot B". Obviously, care was taken to make sure that all parts fit where, when and how they were supposed to. This is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. My husband (from SE Asia) has a phrase that he uses when referring to things that aren't made well: "Made in China piece of $#!t". He contends that the Chinese factories can not make things that go together properly. Unlike his mom's factory... Maybe it's Nationalism or something, I dunno.

Third, the thing functions exactly how it is supposed to. All the sounds, parts, etc came out of the box in GOOD sound working order. And it has an OFF switch for the noisy parts. What more can a mom ask for?

Oh yeah... The price. This one was $39.99 from Target. I was willing to spend up to $80 for a similar item, but couldn't find one that wasn't a "saucer" type thing (a dangerous thing in a house with 3 curious kids) or had large parts to take up WAY too much room in our cozy little bungalow. So, I settled for this and figured the worst that could happen was it would suck royally and I'd take it back.

This thing is SUCH a winner! Even the older two want to play with it. YAY!

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