Friday, September 01, 2006

Prince Lorenzo is a bumGenius!

You might ask what exactly is a *bum*Genius?!?! And how did Prince Lorenzo become one? Is it a good thing?

Well, here is the answer to all your questions and even more.

bumGenius! (Yes, my dear reader that is a proper name and thus given the respect it deserves) is the brainchild of Jenn (aka DoulaJenn) owner of Cotton Babies - But what IS IT *exactly* you may ask?

Simply put, one of the finest cloth diapers I've ever seen (and I've seen a few). bumGenius! is a one-size-fits-most reusable cloth diapering solution that makes cloth diapering a cinch. Made of waterproof nylon on the outside and a suedecloth (or microfleece if you are one of the lucky ones who can score one) inner, bumGenius! has a nifty pocket for holding a microfibre insert that absorbs all the liquid stuff and the more solid stuff washes off easily.

bumGenius! come in four colors: twilight (aka Blue), grasshopper (aka Green), butternut (aka Yellow) and white. My particular favorite is the grasshopper variety. Reminds me of a line from a movie or something, I guess.

My first foray into the world of cloth diapering (hereinafter known as "CDing") began with the Younger Princess Ella. After weathering diaper rash and whatnot, I switched to the "el cheapola method" aka Gerber Prefolds, Scary Diaper Pins and Plastic Pants. I figured that it couldn't be that hard, blah blah blah. After a while, I acquired some of the more chichi style of cloth diapers (herinafter referred to as CD). You know the ones... FuzziBuns and their ilk. I bought some cutesy ones for the Younger Princess Ella figuring she'd be my last (ha ha). And it was good.

Until the dryer died. And so I began washing then hanging to dry. And it was good. Until the washer died. And so I outsourced my laundry. Now I'd send a LOT to the laundry service, but NOT cloth diapers. Fast forward about 2 years. Great with child and anticipating flushing another few thousand dollars in diapers and wipes over a few year period - and having a fully functional washer and dryer again - I contemplated CDing once more. I sorted and washed the CD I had on hand. But I felt as if there had to be something MORE to CDing than what there already was.

And behold an angel of the CD came and spake unto me:

Behold the bumGenius! who takes away the agony of cloth diapering.
Blessed will you be if you try at least ONE for two weeks. You won't be
out anything if you don't like it.

Who am I to argue with an angelic visitor, right? And so it came to pass that a son was born and the one bumGenius! (in white) that I had purchased was tried. And lo the baby smiled each time it was put on while making pouty faces when having to wear the less desirable disposable diaper. And to prove it was the bumGeniuis! making him happy and not just any old diaper, I tried OTHER CD and he was Not A Happy Camper. And so I purchased 3 more bumGenius! (one in each color) for a total of 4. And so pleased were we that I purchased TWELVE MORE (3 of each color & white).

And so without further ado, may I present Prince Lorenzo Il Magnifico in his butternut bumGenius! He looks quite dahsing and manly even if he IS wearing yellow.

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Also, please not the matching yellow duckies on the front of his onesie. it wouldn't do for the heir to the throne to be anything less than color coordinated.

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